Great BritainSilverstone
Length5.900 m
Width17 m
Left corners8
Right corners10
Longest straight770 m
Next Race Great Britain

Results Great Britain

Race starts 26/08/2018.

WM Standing

1F. Bagnaia148
2M. Oliveira141
3Á. Márquez113
4J. Mir95
5L. Baldassarri93
6B. Binder91
7X. Vierge79
8M. Schrötter73
9F. Quartararo72
10M. Pasini63
11L. Marini43
12S. Lowes39
13I. Lecuona32
14S. Corsi31
15A. Locatelli27
16D. Aegerter24
17J. Navarro23
18R. Gardner20
19H. Barbera10
20R. Fenati9
21I. Vinales7
22A. Fernández7
23S. Manzi6
24T. Nagashima6
25D. Kent4
26J. Roberts2
27S. Odendaal1
28K. I. Pawi1


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