Making up ground as much as possible in the Portugal Grand Prix

The qualifying for the third race of the 2021 season did not go according to plan for the LIQUI MOLY Intact GP riders. Marcel Schrötter will therefore try to catch up as much as possible in the Grand Premio of Portugal coming from row seven and Tony Arbolino from row nine.

After Marcel Schrötter was practically safe in Q2 with a seventh position in the last free practice of the day, some competitors sneaked through with a faster last lap a few minutes before the end of the FP3. Unfortunately for the 28-year-old, his final lap didn't quite work out which he paid for straight away by slipping out of the top 14 and thus into Q1 qualifying.

This scenario repeated itself similarly in the short Q1 session in the afternoon. Marcel Schrötter even took the lead and followed in fourth place up to three minutes before the end of the qualifying until Somkiat Chantra took the lead and by that pushing the Intact GP rider to the ungrateful fifth place. This means position 19 for tomorrow's starting grid, from where he will lead row seven and try to score again by chasing the groups in front.

Tony Arbolino suffered a similar fate. The rookie was hoping for a better feeling on Saturday, but this was not to be the case despite some changes that were made. Although the Italian was on a fast lap in FP3 and on the best way to secure a spot in Q2, the last sector thwarted this plan. In qualifying, the 20-year-old made it to eleventh place and is now faced with the huge task of fighting his way up from 25th on the grid.

From 14:30 Portuguese time, it's all fingers crossed for the LIQUI MOLY Intact GP riders when the 23-lap Moto2 race gets underway on Sunday after the MotoGP.

1. Remy GARDNER / AUS / KALEX - 1'42.643
2. Joe ROBERTS / USA / KALEX - 1'42.872 (+0.229)
3. Sam LOWES / GBR / KALEX - 1'42.939 (+0.296)
19. Marcel SCHROTTER / GER / KALEX - 1'43.377 (+0.734)
21. Tony ARBOLINO / ITA / KALEX - 1'43.443 (+0.800)

1. Somkiat CHANTRA / THA / KALEX - 1'43.318
2. Albert ARENAS / SPA / BOSCOSCURO - 1'43.419 (+0.101)
3. Cameron BEAUBIER / USA / KALEX - 1'43.482 (+0.164)
4. Xavi VIERGE / SPA / KALEX - 1'43.504 (+0.186)
5. Marcel SCHROTTER / GER / KALEX - 1'43.523 (+0.205)
11. Tony ARBOLINO / ITA / KALEX - 1'44.462 (+1.144)

1. Sam LOWES / GBR / KALEX - 1'42.901
2. Remy GARDNER / AUS / KALEX - 1'42.924 (+0.023)
3. Xavi VIERGE / SPA / KALEX - 1'43.075 (+0.174)